Welcome to the best weekend of my life.

Vegas is honestly the funnest place in the world. If you are going I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU. I will definitely be going back to Vegas as soon as I can. If you’re a guy reading this then I hate to break it to you but Vegas is a gals world. We paid for nothing on our nights out, free in to clubs, free drink, VIP tables right next to the DJ; it was unbelievable.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in MGM and it was so so nice. I would definitely recommend spending the money on a nice hotel in Vegas. I think staying in MGM was worth every penny. The nightclub Hakkasan was in MGM which was so handy when we were going out. Other hotels that looked really cool were:

  • Cosmopolitan – Marquee nightclub is in here and some unreal restaurants.
  • The Venetian – This has a shopping center with a mini Venice going through it (so cool.)
  • Bellagio – The Bank nightclub (R&B) and so so beautiful inside. It also has the fountain show outside it.
  • Ceasars Palace – The coolest hotel ever and the set of The Hangover so I definitely want to stay here some time.

Going out:

So we were in Vegas for 3 nights and went to Hakkasan 2 nights, a pool party at Marquee and Jewel in Aria for the last night. The clubs in Vegas are insane. If you want guest list there are usually reps everywhere that can get you whatever you want basically. Make sure if someone stops you asking about clubs that you talk to them. If you are a group of girls they might ask for your Instagram. Here are the reps we used (we just used Whatsapp to contact them):

  • Tony (Rep for Marquee nightclub and pool party) –  +1 (702) 238-6186
  • Nick (Rep for Wet Republic and Hakkasan mainly, he also got us free in to Jewel and Ceasars) – +1 (908) 625-0517
  • Jesus (Pronounced like hay-zeus.) – +1 (702) 809-0551

Another hack for girls is to post a picture on Instagram when you’re there with your location as Vegas and maybe #vegas and #girls and reps message you on Instagram offering free stuff.

For getting VIP tables etc that basically just happens when you walk in. You just get asked to join a table or if you are a big group you can get your own. We didn’t buy any drinks we just went to tables with free drinks lol.

Food experiences:

There are so many nice restaurants in Vegas, here are a few we went to:

  • Eggslut – In cosmopolitan, basically just all egg sandwiches and so good oh my god. Really cool spot as well.
  • STK – I had been to STK before in London and it was unreal so when I heard there was one in Vegas I had to go. It is expensive, your full meal will be the bones of $100 but very nice to go to if you love steak and want a fancy meal out.
  • PF Changs – We went here so much! It’s basically a chain Asian restaurant and it’s so so good. Get the Mongolian Beef or the Pad Thai.

These are the only restaurants that we went to but there are so many nice restaurants in Vegas so you could defo find whatever sort of food you want.

That view pic up there was taken from the sky deck penthouse suite in the Aria from an after party we were at. We basically were put at this VIP table in Hakkasan right next to the DJ and got talking to this big group of people. The main guy was friends with Drake and started Facetiming him in the club and showing us videos of the two of them together. Anyway so about 15 of us all went back to this after party where they said they had a sky deck suite (we were like nah he defo doesn’t.)

LADS… This is what it looked like:

It was the biggest most amazing hotel room I’ve ever been in. At about 5:30 am the guy who was staying in it (minted) asked us if we wanted any food so we were like ya sure some chicken fingers (lol), next thing these waiters rock up to the dining room in the suite with a full spread of steak, lobster tails, bottles of Moet… – Most surreal night of my life. He was gambling downstairs and lost 6 grand in 60 seconds no word of a lie. CRAZINESS.

Hope ye all have amazing time in Vegas, I’m so jealous and I wish I was going back. #soon

Emmanoodle xoxo