Instagals you need in your life

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So I was scrolling through some of my posts from last year and I came across a blog post I did that was just like this, so I thought why not do an updated one? I love following new people on insta and I am all about the creeping life tbh. Here are a few girls that I have been obsessing over and you need to get obsessed with them too.

Be warned there are literally so many because once I started looking for people to put in this I couldn’t stop and literally stalked for hours so here is the result of my fangirling. Enjoy xo


This girl knows how to dress. I constantly visit her page if I’m looking for some outfit inspo (even though someone must beat me to it because everything she wears is almost always sold out.) Her style is so edgy and cool and she is amazing at turning a blazer co-ord into a funky outfit anyone could wear on a night out. Not to mention, her accessories collection is to die for.

Slay my life Louisa, slay my life.

You can follow @louisajayne_ here.


(Shoutout to my gals that have to put an underscore at the end of their insta name cuz someone already had it. #thestruggleisreal)

Louise is KILLING IT these days. After just starting to work as a blogger full time, Louise’s feed is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds you’ll find. If you don’t follow her, you need to. Her photos and outfits are always on point and just to add to the appeal, she also has the cutest puppy ever.

Her frequent travels also provide some much needed inspo and jealousy.

You can follow @louisecooney_ here.


I need this girl’s gym plan, her body is insane. Jess has a talent for spotting amazing pieces from your favorite online stores and she looks amazing in all of them. She models for Pretty Little Thing and In The Style so this girl is defo someone you need on your timeline.


You can follow @jesshunt2 here.


The most beautiful girl inside and out, Aisling is definitely one of the most stylish peopleĀ I know. Hair goals, makeup goals, outfit goals and just goals in general. She is amazing at finding those outfits that are just in the middle of being dressy or casual. Every outfit she posts I need in my life and so do you. This baby girl kills it every time.

I can’t cope.

You can follow @aislingchan here.


Jayde is honestly one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Her makeup is always flawless, I don’t know how she does it. From following her on Snapchat she also seems like the loveliest girl ever. But lads, her baby is the cutest thing in the world. I’m obsessed with following her and her cute little family.


You can follow @jaydepierce here.

Freya Broni:

Freya’s feed is a vibe. I have never seen such amazing color coordination. Her unreal high street picks will do damage to your bank account, that’s for sure. Her style is edgy and girly at the same time and if anyone knows how to rock a winged liner it’s ma girl Freya.

Yass baby girl.

You can follow @freyabroni here.


You must live under an insta rock if you don’t know who Tammy is. She is the queen of Instagram. Her body is insane, she dresses like a queen and her family is the absolute cutest. I’m in love with her Youtube channel as she is just so funny and real. As well as being an absolute beauty she is also a very successful business woman. Tammy Hembrow is a girl boss and I am all over it.

The way she matches outfit with her daughter HOW CUTE OH MA GAAAD.

You can follow @tammyhembrow here.


Niamh knows how to work an over sized jumper. Her page is overflowing with inspo on how to mix prints, layer and how to die you hair the funkiest colors. She also just announced a very exciting collaboration coming up with Missy Empire! This gal is going places and I will be stalking her insta for the journey!

Inspo for dayysssss

You can follow @niamh_lovelife here.


Kaelin’s wardrobe is to die for. When she goes glam I honestly don’t think anyone does it better. She always looks effortlessly classy and sophisticated no matter what she is dressing for. Whether its a casual day of shopping or a wedding, you can guarantee Kaelin will nail it every time. Her travel inspo pics are always incredible also.

When that picture in the white jumpsuit came up on my timeline I would have liked it 20 times if I could. STUNNING.

You can follow @kaelin_fox here.


This girl’s fashion sense is bomb. She always looks so effortlessly glam and wears the most amazing clothes ever. Her pictures in London make me want to move there asap and she also loves to share her food experiences with us and you know I am all about those food experiences. If you’re reading this Freya pls take me to dinner with you, you find the most amazing spots.

Food, clothes, London – what more could you want?

You can follow Freya here.


This girl is GORGEOUS. She is another gal to follow if you love that effortless and sophisticated look. Scrolling through her feed is so satisfying as its filled with fab outfits, food inspo and the current pink theme it’s got going on makes me feel some type of way. Emma has got style and I need her wardrobe asap thankQQQQQQ.

How cute is she? Can’t cope.

You can follow @emmajcotter here.


I need Aideen to paint my face. Her makeup is incredible. How is it so blended and perfect all the time, I’m like TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. She is so beautiful and so so creative with her makeup. I mean if you ask her for a smokey eye you can bet there will be glitter and extra sass all over that smokey eye. I am obsessed.

She is also great for some outfit inspo, the gal literally does it all.

You can follow @aideenkatemakeup here.


I use Ashlee’s feed as my personal shopper, she shows me the clothes and I buy them. Ashlee’s fashion sense is fab. She always picks the quirkiest things from the high street and pulls them all together to make some show stopping outfits. As well as that her makeup is always flawless. That girl knows how to paint a face. Another bonus is how cute her Northern Ireland accent is on Snapchat. Just a fab girl all round.

Fab, fab, fab.

You can follow @oh_so_femme here.


Last but by no means least, the fab Dominique. I love her clothes so much oh my goodness. She finds the most amazing pieces I honestly don’t know how she does it. I constantly go for a scroll on her page if I’m looking to update my wardrobe. Basically she looks amazing all the time and you need to follow her.

Such a gorgeous girl!

You can follow @dominiquenugent89 here.

Well guys that is the end of this post. There are so many amazing girls here and I literally could add so many more but you would probably be scrolling for days! Please do follow all these gals, they are so fab and deserve all the success in the world! I will try to do a few more of these posts as I love finding new people to follow and I usually share feeds on my Instagram story but I wanted to have some here so that everyone can see them. Please do follow them they deserve it!

I read an article the other day from a very popular blogger saying that there wasn’t any room for bloggers in the industry anymore (which I think is a load of bollocks) and it urged me to write this post.

There is room for everyone to be successful!

There are so many beautiful, creative, amazing and talented girls out there that absolutely deserve to do well in every way. Blowing out somebody else’s candles won’t make your light shine any brighter. When I was reading that article it annoyed me because who gives anyone the right to tell someone they can’t do something? Basically if you want to do anything don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with people that support you and anyone who doesn’t is basic and needs to get a grip.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll chat to ye next time!

Emmanoodle xoxo