Costa Rica

La Fortuna

How we got there:

We flew from Antigua, Guatemala to San Juan international Airport in San Jose. No visa required. Don’t stay in the city it’s v dodge especially for girls. Look up the public buses as any private transfers in this country are extremely overpriced!!

We got a taxi once we got OUTSIDE the airport as we missed the public bus to La Fortuna. Haggle, haggle haggle! La Fortuna is the town to stay in for Arenal Volcano.

What we did:

  • Hiking an adjacent volcano for a beautiful view of volcano and of Arenal lake.
  • Ziplining.
  • Baldi hot springs/ Los Lagos hot springs are nicest to swim in.
  • Quad biking.
  • Horseback riding.
  • White water rafting. (Activities can be expensive here so just choose your fav tour and enjoy!)

Where we stayed:

We stayed in Arenal backpackers hostel which was very nice. If you want to splash out you can stay in the hotels with the hot springs (named above). They’re a bit out of town but town isn’t that nice anyway.


How we got there:

We organised a shuttle to Monteverde through our hostel in La Fortuna. It cost $25 usd.

What we did:

So Monteverde is a little town in the middle of the mountains that has beautiful national parks and reserves with hanging bridges, sloths, cloud forests and general nice walks through the dense jungle.At the start of the walk along the hanging bridges is a hummingbird location where we saw dozens of hummingbirds. We did amazing zip lining in Selvatura park! The lines were very long – some over a kilometer. Included in the zip lining was a Tarzan swing which was scary but so so fun. You end the tour with the longest zip line in Costa Rica and you go so fast over the forest it was very very cool.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in a private room in sloth backpackers, it was actually fine and was approx 15$/night.

Manuel Antonio:

My favorite place in Costa Rica!

Where we stayed:

Stay in Selina hostel Manuel Antonio. It is literally the go to spot at night, has three pools, private deluxe areas if you want to splash out or nice enough dorms. Really nice food to – get the Penne Rosa. We had so much fun in this hostel – except for my bed getting stolen by this crazy girl one of the nights (snapfam knows..)

What to do:

  • Main beach is great for surfing if you want to try it.
  • We found a beach called Playa Biesanz which is a smaller beach with way less waves, more like a bay. Very relaxing, we preferred it.

Getting around Costa Rica:

  • Public buses are so grand and so much cheaper. E.g. From Monteverde to Manuel cost us $8 on public buses or $50 if we got a shuttle bus. Took us 7 hours was so fine.
  • The order of places is up to you but I would advise if you’re flying to more countries e.g. Panama some towns have airports you can fly from eg Quepos (Manuel Antonio). The local airline to Panama is Nature Air. We took the Caribe bus to Bocas del Toro which I would recommend at $75 and 10 hours or so.

    I’ve tagged all the places above in my Instagram if you want to look up locations.

    Other places you could visit:
    • Peurto Viejo (Caribbean side) beachy town before border of Panama.