Welcome all to the most beautiful country of our trip (in my opinion.) If you are heading to Mexico then you better be ready for some white sandy beaches, the clearest water ever and AMAZING mexican food. For Mexico we flew into Cancun then did Tulum the first for 2 nights, Isla Holbox for 3 nights (my favourite stop), Cancun for 2 nights and Isla Mujeres for the final 2 nights.

How we got there:

We flew from Havana to Cancun. The flight was about an hour and cost €92. We booked all our flights through When getting from place to place in Mexico we got taxis for most of it as there were four of us to split the cost. All trips from place to place ranged between 2/3 hours by car.



Where we stayed:

We stayed in the most amazing AirBnb in Tulum! The apartment was so nice and in a great location. You can check out our AirBnb here. It was called Prana Condos – so beautiful – around 35 Euro each a night so pricey but very spacious and modern. Avoid the beach hotels here as they are cool but they are literally huts on the beach with no aircon and it is v v hot here. Our friends found out about this the hard way. I would suggest getting an AirBnb then going to the beach.

What to do:

  • Cenote’s here are fab. We went to the Gran Cenote and it was really nice. You’ll see nicer water on the islands but really cool cause you can swim inside the cave and rent snorkels. This one also had hammocks so we chilled there for another hour and was really nice!
  • The beach in Tulum is so beautiful. Definitely go if you can as there are some fabe beach clubs and bars.

Where we ate/drank:

  • There’s one main street in the town where we went both nights and it’s quite small but was very fun. Can’t remember the name of the street but the restaurant we ate in both nights is La Malquerida and was on that street and was one of the nicest Mexican meals we had!
  • Then we went to a bar called The Mojito Bar – you’ll defo find it it’s the one with the hippy van outside with all the sugar canes! The mojitos were unreal.

Isla Holbox

This was my favourite place we went to in Mexico – literal paradise!


How we got there:

We got a taxi from Tulum to Chicquila and it wasn’t too expensive when we split it out! We then got the ferry from Chicquila across to the island (it took about 25 minutes.)

Where we stayed:

We stayed in a small casa called Casa Frida. It was a good price and very good location. The aircon wasn’t working so it got very hot at night but other than that it was fine. You can check it out here. Any of them with good reviews should be perf cause the Island is so small.

What we did:

  • Sit on the beach and watch the sun go down. The sunsets were the nicest I’ve ever seen!!
  • We went swimming with Whale Sharks while we were here which was so amazing and really authentic – they genuinely go deep into the middle of the ocean to find them. I was so scared at the start and didn’t think I was gonna do it but I did in the end and it was an amazing experience. Definitely do this!
  • We had a lot of beach days while we were here to just chill out. It was honestly the most beautiful beach I have ever been on.
  • You can also rent a golf buggy and drive around the island but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to do this.

Where we ate:

  • Restaurante Viva Zapata – Good mexican and seafood.
  • Also the Hot Corner is supposed to be good for drinks but we never actually went.


So Cancun was a party stop for us. We went to Coco Bongos and got a VIP table which was so worth it! It as such a fun night. Would definitely say get the VIP tickets which are about $20 more expensive but you get a table and your drink at it which means no queuing for the night and you can enjoy the show and just dance at your table! Honestly one of the coolest nights of the holiday!

We only spent 2 nights in Cancun and one full day was spent booking the rest of or trip so we didn’t get to explore it that much. We stayed at Ocean Beach which was such a nice hotel – don’t get the room service though it was not good at all. You can check out the hotel here. Definitely stay in that general area when you are in Cancun as it is closest to the strip so you can walk everywhere. Try get an ocean view as the views are absolutely stunning!

Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres is another amazing island just 30 minutes from Cancun. Most people do day trips here but we had heard it was worth staying on and were delighted we did.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in an Airbnb and  it was a perfect location – Lily house, host Carlos Daniel. You can check it out here.

What we did:
We chilled at the beach here mostly and really stunning sets here too.

Where to eat/drink:

  • Poc Na Hostel really fun for nights out!
  • The bartender in Coco Nuts also gave us loads of free shots so worth popping in.
  • Mamma Rosa was one of the nicest Italian Restaurants of the trip!
  • There is a place called Mango Cafe that looks really cool but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to go to.
  • You will have no problem finding nice restaurants here, everywhere looks delicious.

Mexico is such a beautiful country and I would highly recommend visiting here! I know I’ll definitely be going back!

Emmanoodle xoxo