Caye Caulker


Such a fab island, honestly felt so relaxed here just a totally slowed down pace of life. The slogan of the island is “go slow.” All the locals here were so nice and friendly. Real Caribbean feel to the place and it was a very different experience to the rest of Central America. We liked this place so much that we stayed an extra night!

How we got there:

So we went from Mexico to Belize. We got the Ado bus from Cancun at 8am – really nice bus and grand journey. Needed to arrive in Chetumal around 2pm in order to be there for 3pm.

Ferry you need to book 72 hours in advance. That’s because you’re leaving Mexico and going to Belize and they need it for customs information.
– Chetumal to Caye caulker USD60 pp
РCaye Caulker to Belize city USD12.50pp
Рall booking agents had good English as Belize was colonised by the British. Different ferries run on different days. One is called Belize water taxis and the other is called Belize water jets international. The shops are next to each other and offer similar prices. But be careful when booking not to mess up your dates.
– bring food with you, we ended up not eating like all day. You stop off in San Pedro to go through immigration. It states that you should arrive at Caye Caulker by 6pm but we didn’t arrive until around 8pm.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in a hostel called Dirty McNastys. We had heard good things about it from other people but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. The staff at reception didn’t really have a clue what they were doing and it seemed quite badly run. The rooms were an absolute sweat box and there was a rooster that would kick off at 5am and not stop for the day (I dreamed of killing that rooster by the end haha) There are loads of other hostels on the Island and AirBnbs so you could defo find somewhere much better.

What we did:

  • Firstly you have to do the Raga Muffin snorkeling day tour – best boat trip of my life! The snorkelling is incredible (we saw giant turtles, nurse sharks, sting rays and loads of other wildlife.) The guides and captain were so nice and gave an amazing tour and everyone gets locked on rum punch on the way back! They have a stall on the way to the split, just keep an eye out for a small office with Raga Muffin on it.
  • Coco island at the split is also fab for a day trip.

Where we ate:

  • Ice and Beans for breakfast is amazing!!! Most delicious bagels and ice coffee. We genuinely went 6 mornings in a row. The owner was lovely too.
  • All the restaurants have amazing lobster so would definitely recommend getting that if it’s still lobster season!