Halloween I’m coming for yaaaaaaa

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Sooooo I have not done an actual blog post in so long, I am honestly the worst blogger ever, oh my goodness. I am in my final year of college so everything has been so busy but I’m trying to get back into it so just bare with me for the moment.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because….. DRESS UP, GLITTER, MAKEUP, LASHES!?!?!! Whats not to like? I have done some digging online and found some really cool ideas for what you could go as this year. All these makeup artists are amazing and I have linked tutorials under every picture so everyone can at least attempt it.

I hope you get some ideas from this post and I cant wait to see everyone looking fab this Halloween!

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Emmanoodle xoxo

Melting Skull:Image result for skull emojiImage result for skull emojiImage result for skull emoji(Basically an excuse to be scary and also V glam)


Tutorial here

Demented Fortune Teller:Image result for fortune teller emojidementedfortunetellernicoleg.png

Tutorial here

I attempted this one year!Image result for monkey emojiImage result for monkey emoji14569001_1127043304017482_44241174_n.jpg

This trippy double vision thing:Image result for eyes emojiImage result for eyes emojimaxresdefault.jpg

Tutorial here

Cool glittery glam skull makeup:Image result for sparkle emojiImage result for sparkle emojiImage result for sparkle emoji14608005_1127050074016805_452651075_n.jpg

Tutorial here

Khaleesi:Image result for dragon emoji14585363_1127051614016651_877706646_n

Tutorial here

Gangster clown:Image result for tongue emojimaxresdefault (1).jpg

Tutorial here

Sugar Skull:14608041_1127069704014842_450263123_n.jpg

Tutorial here

I also attempted this one year…(worst quality picture ever)14610683_1127073524014460_718919242_n.jpg

Pop Art Makeup:Image result for tongue emoji14569048_1127062557348890_170870243_n.jpg

Tutorial here

Well that’s all gals. Can’t wait to see what ye come up with!Image result for two heart emoji