So what is hot right now??

Hey baes,

So this is my first blog post in what feels like forever. I’m always so motivated for my Instagram and Snapchat but lately my blog has been lagging. But not anymore, I have loads of things planned for my website so make sure you keep an eye on my social media to see any hot new content. 

So from looking around the shops lately I have noticed so many of the same trends in every store. Here are a few that I am loving and hopefully you will love too. As always just click the link to shop!

Chokers: So chokers have been around for years, but lately they have been getting even sassier. The high street is going the extra mile with diamantes, faux leather, layering and metals. This is a trend I am definitely on board with!

Here are some of my favourites:

 Chrystal Gold Glitter Double Layer Choker Image 12 Pack Faux Suede Mixed Choker Cream

Pastel Duster Coats: I have been seeing these absolutely everywhere lately. The pastel colors are so beautiful and these jackets are perfect to dress up any outfit. Definitely a wardrobe must have!

Faux Leather Boots: Another wardrobe must have this season. I personally think boots like this look amazing with shorts or play suits as they make your legs look sooooooo fab. I need them all. 

Western Buckle Belts: These belts give any outfit a bit of an edge. I bought one in Topshop and it goes with almost everything. My new favorite accessory!

So these are just a few trends that I have been loving recently. I am going to try do one of these posts once a month. Please let me know if you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

Emmanoodle xoxo