15 things I’ve learned at 22

Hey everyone. So this is prob gonna be a bit more of a deep/meaningful/bit cringe post. But with alot of negativity surrounding social media at the moment I decided I wanted to share some things I have learned – most are from me being an eejit and making the mistake in the first place – but generally things that have just made me happier in life.

Anyway i hope you enjoy and have a fabuloso day xox

  1. The fix it, face it or forget it method.

This is one my mam said to me years ago as I used to get very overwhelmed with small petty things. Basically you can approach an issue 3 ways: you can fix it, you can face it or else sometimes you just have to forget about it. This applies to work, friendships, relationships – its basically a fairly fool proof method for any problem you may face. For example; if you have a friend thats not particularly nice to you or does something to hurt you, you could:

  • Fix it – If this person is worth resolving it with, then you can decide to fix it. Find the root of the problem, address it, and then make like Elsa and let it gooooo.
  • Face it – Call them up on it. Ask why they have been treating you badly and work from there.
  • Forget it – sometimes people aint worth the first two options, so youre best to just leave it and move on with your life with one less negative person.

2. Drains and radiators.

There are 2 types of people: drains and radiators. Drains are the pr**ks of the world that basically drain you of happiness. Just the people that put you down, dismiss you, general shite behaviour. Then you have the radiators; people that empower you, clap when you succeed and just generally make you feel good about yourself

Basically surround yourself with radiators not drains.

3. Those who anger you control you.

Yano when someone does something that really pisses you off and you spend the whole day thinking about it and it ruins your day? Well you are letting that person control how you feel and control how your entire day goes. This is something I have definitely struggled with. Fair enough, have your 5 minutes to be annoyed and then move on and enjoy your day. People only have power over you if you give them power. Bigger fish to fry babyyy.

4. Dont let someone be too important in your life.

Know your worth and add tax to it.

5. Things in life are only as difficult as you allow them to be.

This one I think is just all about your attitude towards things. If you are studying for an exam and you think “I’m gonna fail, i’m gonna fail, i’m gonna fail” – one things for sure; you’re not going to do well in that exam. Where as if you decide “I’m gonna try my best, I know I’m good enough, I’m gonna do well.” You are much more likely to succeed. Think positive things get positive thing bb.

6.Do things your future self will thank you for.

Rise and grind. If you work hard enough for anything you’ll get it – I really believe this. If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

7.Nothing in life comes without hard work.

I think this really applies to the current situation with social media. I don’t care what anyone says, 99% of successful people worked there arse off to get where they are – and this includes any profession. When people make comments about bloggers getting everything for free and not having a real job – You go and achieve what they have; the clientele they have built up, the real and loyal followers they have earned, the money and unpaid time they spent before they were successful (which people seem to conveniently forget about) – and get back to me.

8.Be selective in who you tell your goals to.

People can be quick to shut someone down when your goals are different to theirs (or sometimes bigger.) If you got something good goin.. don’t tell nobody (except a few radiators lol)


9.Make people feel good about themselves.

Your mom didnt let you chill in the womb for 9 months for you to comment “you’re so annoying” on some strangers instagram –  Just be a feckin nice person.

10.Things worthy of investment:

A good leather jacket. Black jeans. Foundation. A nice watch. Your goals.

11. You slay.

Be confident in yourself. If you like your outfit, your makeup, your sense of humour then be proud of it. You should always be your own biggest cheerleader. Your opinion of yourself is the most important one.

“Confidence is not “they will like me”, confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t.”

Confidence like Kanye

Capture 1

12.If you’re over thinking – go for a run.

I used to ring my dad in college when I was really stressed or even just for a chat but something else would be bothering me. He used to always just tell me to go do some excercise so I could stop over thinking things and just clear my head. Ya well, turns out he’s always right.

13.An unbothered person, bothers a lot of people.

Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction. Like imagine putting all that effort into pissing someone off and they don’t even respond to it? How annoying mwahhaahhaaha

14.Don’t follow someone on social media if you don’t like them.

All you’re doing is giving them views, which increases their impressions, which makes them more successful. It’s negative energy and a simple solution. Plus who has the time? 🤷🏼‍♀️

15.Sometimes ya just gotta say fuck it and find someone else. If your good good friends don’t like him – pay attention. If someone makes you question whether you’re worth their time – they aren’t worth yours. Unfortunately he’s just a dickhead. C’est la vie 🤗 Plenty more D in the sea.

Basically just live your best life. Do what you want to do and don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions. You are fab in every way and make sure you know this! Night my loves 💕💕